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TimeZones - Indie Game by SupahPOW31
TimeZones - Indie Game
So if anybody has been wondering where I've been for the past several months, I've been working on a game with the Unity Engine called: "TimeZones"

TimeZones is a First Person Sci-Fi puzzle game for PC/Mac/Linux designed around the manipulation of Time and Gravity altering fields to solve varying puzzles and evade threats in your path. The TimeZone is the backbone of every level, they are place-able objects capable of pausing any object that comes in contact with them, before disintegrating and allowing all paused objects to continue moving as though nothing ever happened. Your secondary tool is the GravityZone, it much like the TimeZone is another place-able object. However instead of altering time, you guessed it, it alters gravity. Any object that collides with a GravityZone will no longer feel the pull of gravity until it collides with another GravityZone. These two tools when used correctly, can be used to solve the various puzzles, traps and threats you will encounter in game. Choose wisely.

IndieDB page:…

I'll be working on this near fulltime and posting updates on it pretty regularly. My goal is to eventually work my way up to a point where I'm comfortable submitting it to Steam Greenlight to eventually sell. It will be interesting to see how this eventually plays out.

Programs Used:
Blender 2.77
Gimp for minor color correction

Render Time: 1 Hour
Blue Hexagons by SupahPOW31
Blue Hexagons
It's been months since I've posted anything, but I needed a new desktop background and there is a distinct lack of good ones for 4k monitors.

If you're wondering where I've been, I've essentially been bogged down with School, and when I'm not doing school I'm playing Dota 2 with some friends of mine. Not a lot of time for making photos like these in my schedule. xD

Programs Used:
Blender 2.76 using the Cycles Engine with OpenCL rendering at 4,000 samples on my AMD R9 Fury X.
Gimp for color correction

Render Time:
51 minutes

This piece is NOT in the public domain. Despite the download button, this is copyrighted by ME and cannot be re uploaded, or used online, commercial or not without my explicit permission.
Low Poly Igloo by SupahPOW31
Low Poly Igloo
In short, I needed a new background for my 4k monitor, so I made this. I figured I might as well make it winter themed given what time of year it is. xD

I hope everybody has a merry Christmas!

Programs Used:
Blender 2.76 using the Cycles engine with OpenCL rendering at 2,000 samples on my AMD R9 Fury X
Gimp for color correction

Render Time:
54 minutes

This piece is NOT in the public domain. Despite the download button, this is copyrighted by ME and cannot be re uploaded, or used online, commercial or not without my explicit permission.
Minecraft: Evening Bay by SupahPOW31
Minecraft: Evening Bay
I've been getting a lot of requests to make another Minecraft themed render. So I took advantage of the opportunity to play with the compositor in Blender. This is probably my best Minecraft render to date, possibly even surpassing The River. I'm quite happy with how it turned out.

    A lot of people are still confused on as to why I stopped making Minecraft renders in general. In response to that, I don't really play Minecraft as my go-to game anymore. It just doesn't have the same appeal to me that it once did. I now play mostly Dota 2, yet I don't have the raw skill with 3D programs to make anything involving Dota. So I've resorted to mostly using abstract images to learn more about Blender, vs making photo's on topics that interest me. (The Banjo Tooie render being the exception, as that was something I had wanted to remake for a long time.)

    I could in theory continue to make Minecraft renders, but it's pointless to me, as it no longer interests me to sit down for several hours, find a suitable world/location for a render, set it all up, tweak it, and render it out. I made an exception here because it would be a good opportunity to try out the compositor. Unless something changes, I wouldn't expect more. I'd consider commissions, but unless I charged what would be considered ridiculous prices, (I'm talking $10 minimum.) it would not be worthwhile for me to spend hours of my time on it.

Programs Used:
Blender 2.75 using the Cycles Engine
Jmc2obj for the world export

This image may NOT be re uploaded, edited, modified, or changed in any way without my explicit permission.
Respect the artists of Deviant Art, we spend hours of our free time making images for you to enjoy. It's a less than rewarding feeling for something you worked hard on to be stolen.
So a few days ago, this less than a week old group we-r-minecrafters.deviantart.c… started requesting that most of my better Minecraft photos be showcased in their group gallery. I took a look at their group before hitting yes, just to see what the group was about first. Most of the photos at that time were minecraft build screenshots taken from within minecraft itself, and I figured it wouldn't be a super great fit for my 3D art. So I declined. About an hour later, I received another request on the same image. I ignored it, because I was busy at the time. Came back a few hours later, to have ANOTHER duplicate request on that same photo, plus an invite to the group.

This went on for a couple of days with various photos. And eventually I just accepted one to stop the endless requests. And it continued. I've received 5 separate invites from the group asking me to join them after repeatedly saying I was not interested, (and I don't even know how many requests on my photos) and declining them. Its to the point now that if I receive a single request more from them, I will personally contact Deviant Art to report them for harassment if that's what it takes.

It gets better though, trust me.

I went on the groups page a few minutes ago, to ask them to stop requesting me to join their group, and that I was fine with them showcasing the photos, but I had no interest in joining the group. (I just don't join many groups as a general rule so my messages count doesn't get too crazy.) The admin/owner of the group then replied back in a barely readable statement, basically accusing me of only wanting advertising from him. AFTER HE REQUESTED THAT MY ART BE IN HIS GROUP.
His exact statement for those who are wondering: "you not alright with showcasing u r alright with advertising AND YOU GOT NO RESPECT"

Upon doing research on the guy and his group, the guy's first language isn't english. Hes a russian YouTuber (with 31 subs as of now) who for some reason decided to make a minecraft group on DA, and is amassing anything pertaining to minecraft in his gallery.
His Channel:…

So if anybody reading this gets a request from this group. Decline it and move on. Its a waste of your time, and its run by some jerk who believes he's doing you a favor by spamming you with useless requests.

And as a side note, they have also been requesting my friend :icon11icedragon11:'s art be in their gallery aswell. And upon looking at the comments in their group, I'm not the only one being harassed by them.

**Update 1**
Just received my 6th invite to join the group. They don't know when enough is enough.

**Update 2**
Here is photo proof of the group requesting me join them AFTER I declined them once already. Keep in mind both of these requests were from just today.
Bandicam 2015-01-20 16-40-45-754 by SupahPOW31

**Update 3**
So, most of you guys probably know :icon11icedragon11:  But, this group requested quite a bit more of her art today. She declined with this message:

Because of how poorly you have treated one of my friends, and how poorly you have treated others, I will not accept any requests for my artwork to be accepted into the gallery. I am giving you a heads up so you can please no longer request for any of my work to be put in the gallery.

If you want artwork in the gallery, please stop spamming people and being a jerk when they say no for personal reasons.

Have a nice day.


She received this response:

LOL YOU WILL PUT YOU HEAD Up! LOL no one cares about you! there like 1 million of people and like 1 billion of pictures about minecraft so go away! And stop acting hard!

He's really trying hard to make people like him. So please, do not associate with this group. Its run by a total douche.


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United States
I don't really know what exactly to put here, but here we go xD

I run my small YouTube channel and regularly post videos on it. I also occasionally work on Minecraft intros, animations, thumbnails and desktop backgrounds. I am completely incapable of traditional art, or hand drawing of any kind (generally) so don't expect me to post anything like that. I stick to 3D created pictures.

If you want to use something of mine as a desktop background, or something like that, as long as there is a download button, go right ahead. But if you use one of my pictures somewhere online, crediting me is required, as I license most of my works under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.…

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